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THANK YOU FOR JOINING US AT THE 4th Annual Fundraising Banquet

We had a fun evening, full of laughter and inspiring stories. Thank you to all who came, and to all the parents, churches, community members, and businesses who ​ support this ministry! ​


Join us for an afternoon of sporting clay fun with great food and friends!
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Sunday, April 23, 2023
1:30 PM at Blackwood Sporting Co.


Click the link to be in the loop for when the sale starts and how you can help send a kid to camp with these amazing peaches.
From Pearson Farm, Georgia’s oldest peach farm, established in 1885.
Hand picked and tree ripe, delivered straight to our community. One box is the perfect amount for eating now, sharing with friends, and freezing for later. They also make great client Thank You gifts! Half of every box sold goes toward ​ ministry here in North Montgomery County, helping kids hear the good news of Jesus Christ at a week-long Young Life camp! Buy a box of peaches and impact a kid for eternity!
Pre-orders for peaches are open and they'll be delivered to North Montgomery County in early July.

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